The 6 Best Nespresso Capsules For Flat Whites (Answered!)

To us, true coffee drinkers, it’s nothing like a great cup of coffee. And whether we want to have a latte, cappuccino, or espresso, our taste buds are trained to tell if the coffee beans are on point.

So, we looked into what are the best Nespresso Capsules to create the best coffee, espresso, latte, or cappuccino, among other things relating to coffee, like the type of creamer. Flat white coffee, for instance, is something many of us are just finding out about. 

What is a Flat White Coffee?

Flat white coffee is an espresso-based drink that is like a milkier, smoother version of a cappuccino. It also has a strong and velvety texture to it. Furthermore, the appropriate amount of steamed milk and espresso shots are mixed together to achieve a taste that isn’t excessively creamy nor overly intense. 

Flat white coffee is often served in a glass or a small mug. The name of this coffee derives from the way Kiwis and Aussies order their coffee. They colloquially call a regular espresso shot a short black. Also, they colloquially refer to a bigger espresso drink with more water, a long black. 

What Sort of Coffee Makes the Best Flat Whites?

Many top-notch baristas and chefs say that premium medium-roast or darker roast espresso makes the best flat whites. The roast is key to making the right bitter, dark flavor that goes into creating a real flat white.

Having said that, these true coffee connoisseurs say that many commercially large companies and coffee shops usually don’t make authentic flat whites. They say the reason for this is usually due to these companies using coffee beans of poorer quality. In fact, many people note that the difference in the taste of flat whites, lattes, and cappuccinos is subtle at many of these companies. So, in these cases, flat whites in these companies are not truly flat whites. 

How to Make a Flat White Using Nespresso Machines

Now, that we know what flat whites are, and what makes them distinctive, it’s time to find out how to make them with a Nespresso machine. The following are the steps to do it

1. Begin With the Espresso

Draw an espresso (40ml) in a cappuccino cup, use your favorite Nespresso flavor, or check out our recommended Nespresso pods for making te best flat whites below

2. Milk Frothing

Use the Nespresso machine steam wand to froth the milk in a jug. 

Have problems with alternative milks? Check out our top tips for foaming almond, oat, and soy milks

3. Stem Milk Addition

The steamed milk must be added to the espresso shot with 1/2 of the froth on top spooned out. Then, if you want, do latte art.

We’ve got a guide dedicated to helping you perfect your own late art with Nespresso if you’re keen to learn more!

The Best Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules for Making Flat Whites

Nespresso OriginalLine, Ristretto Intenso– $37.50

Containing a total of 50 coffee pods, the Nespresso Capsules Ristretto Intenso has a contrasting and powerful combination. This dark roast coffee contains many of the best coffee beans, including those from Brazil, Colombia, a touch of East African Arabicas and Robusta, and more. With these capsules, you will have an intensified coffee blend with a light and subtle contrast between fruity and acidic notations and bitterness and strength. 

Nespresso OriginalLine Arpeggio Decaffeinato- $37.50

If you are reducing your caffeine consumption but still want that cream and intense, dark-roasted coffee, look no further than this brand. With a total of 50 coffee pods, you can enjoy this coffee over and over again. 

At intensity 9, its intense body and strong character also have notes of indulgent cocoa like the original Arpeggio. This blend of coffee entails some of the best Central and South American Arabicas that give its favor. 

Nespresso OriginalLine, Roma Intenso– $37.50t

The Roma Intenso capsules are medium roast coffee. This brand includes a subtle balance between fullness, finesse, and strength. This balance is set apart by its roasted and wood notes. And being at intensity 8, this coffee is ideal for those wanting an espresso that is mild and short. 

The Best Nespresso VertuoLine Capsules for Making Flat Whites

Nespresso VertuoLine Melozio– $36.00

With Melozio, you will get 30 coffee pods, but its pods make many more ounces than those coffee blends with 50 or more capsules. It brews 7.77 oz. 

This blend is medium-roasted coffee. It is a medium-roasted coffee that consists of high-quality Central American Arabicas and Brazilian Bourbon. With these ingredients, you will have a perfectly balanced and smooth coffee. At intensity 6, the roasting process of the coffee beans yields a smooth texture and rich flavor. 

Nespresso VertuoLine Double Espresso Scuro– $33.00

Another brand with 30 coffee pods, the Double Espresso Scuro makes 2.7 oz, which is more than those brands with 50 coffee pods. At intensity 8, the Double Espresso Scuro is bold and dark as the word ‘double’ expresses. It is a highly roasted blend of Central American Arabica and Robusta coffee to obtain a balanced, intense, and strong texture. It is also enriched with notes of vanilla and cocoa. 

Nespresso VertuoLine, Double Espresso Chiaro– $33.00

The double espresso Chiaro also has 30 capsules that brew 2.7 oz. Thus, you will get double the amount of great-tasting coffee than other blends having at least 50 capsules.

This medium-roasted espresso coffee is made from Central and South American Arabicas.  With these top-tier coffee beans at intensity 6, you will get a wild and dense blend of intensity to reveal an array of earthy and woody notes. And with these credentials, you will truly enjoy this indulgent espresso coffee beverage. 

Please note that OriginalLine capsules can’t be used in VertuoLine machines and vice versa. VertuoLine captures can’t be used in OriginalLine capsules. Both are incompatible with each other’s Nespresso machines. 

Please also note all these Nespresso OriginalLine and VertuoLine capsules brew 1.35oz of espresso. Also, you can recycle these aluminum capsules- these aluminum capsules that ensure freshness. 


Flat white coffee is an espresso-based drink that is like a milkier, smoother version of a cappuccino. It takes premium medium-roast or darker roast espresso to make the best flat whites. The roast is key to making the right bitter, dark flavor that goes into creating a real flat white.

Having said this, the best Nespresso capsules by OrignalLine to make flat whites are Ristretto Intenso, Arpeggio Decaffeinato, and Roma Intenso. The best Nespresso capsules by VertuoLine to make flat whites are Melozio, Double Espresso Scuro, and Double Espresso Chiaro

With these capsules, you will get more coffee than many other coffee blends. And with medium or dark-roasted blends, coffee connoisseurs all around will truly enjoy these indulgent espresso coffee beverages. 

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