How Many Calories Are There In A Keurig K Cup? (Explained!)

Green Pods How many calories in a keurig k cup we checked

Keurig is still the largest capsule coffee brand in the USA and growing. In 2021 they “Added nearly three million new U.S. households to the Keurig system, bringing total Keurig households to almost 36 million” (source)

But unlike other packaged whole bean coffee, it’s difficult to find the information on what exactly you’re getting inside those shiny plastic capsules. And as many coffee-lovers choose to be conscious about their health, we wanted to know exactly how many calories we were getting with each cup of Keurig K-Cup coffee.

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How Many Calories Are There In A Keurig K-Cup?

In general, you’ll get between 2 and 4 calories in each K Cup of Keurig coffee depending on what capsule you use and whether you opt for a 8oz or 10oz pour – the latter extracting slightly more calories. Flavored K-Cup will have around 0.8 more calories than unflavored varieties (source%20and%20zero%20fats.))

Having your coffee with Milk will increase the total calories of the beverage to 72 calories for 100ml of milk (or 3.4fl oz) and taking your coffee with 2 sugars will add another 32 calories – bumping the total drinks calories to around 104 calories.

As you can see, the amount of calories varies greatly based on how you choose to drink your coffee. Below is a detailed examination of the various Keurig K Cup pods and the amount of energy you get per serving.

The Green Pods How many calories are in a k cup

Calories In Different K Cup Flavors

K cups come in a variety of flavors, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more. Here is a breakdown of the approximate number of calories contained in some popular K cup flavors:

  • Coffee: As previously mentioned, coffee K cups typically contain between 2 and 4 calories per cup, depending on the specific type and size of the K cup.
    (Read about our favorite K Cup brands here)
  • Tea: Most tea K cups contain very few calories, ranging from 0 to 2 calories per cup. However, some flavored tea K cups may contain slightly more calories.
  • Hot Chocolate and Cocoa: Hot chocolate and cocoa K cups tend to be higher in calories compared to coffee and tea K cups. On average, a hot chocolate or cocoa K cup contains between 60 and 80 calories per cup.
  • Other Flavors: K cups are available in a range of other flavors, such as chai latte, apple cider, and more. The caloric content of these flavors can vary widely, but most contain between 60 and 100 calories per cup.

It’s important to note that the nutritional content of K cups can also vary depending on the specific brand and type of K cup. Always read the nutritional information on the packaging to get an accurate idea of the caloric content of your favorite K cups.

K-Cup TypeApproximate Calories per cup
Flavored Coffee2.8-4.8
Flavored TeaVaries
Hot Chocolate or Cocoa60-80
Other Flavors60-100

Calories In Different K Cup Sizes

When it comes to calories, you’ll get more calories from a larger coffee drink because it’s pulled out more energy from the coffee bean. This means the larger Carafe pods will have slightly higher calories than a smaller 8oz pod.

Keurig K-Cup SizeCaloriesKilojoules

The Keurig system also has different pod formats. The K Cup is the most common, but they also sell a K-Rivo which serves their espresso-style coffee, and the K Carafe which is for large multi-cup brews.

Here are the approximate calories for these formats.

Keurig Capsule TypeCaloriesKilojoules

Although Keurig coffee beverages may not significantly affect your daily calorie intake, additives such as milk, sugar, and cream increase calories drastically. Here is a breakdown of the calories you get in various Keurig beverages.

How Many Calories Are In Your Favorite Keurig K-Cup Beverages?

It’s clear from the previous section that the Keurig K-Cup coffee itself contains practically zero calories. So what’s the catch? Well, the way you choose to drink your coffee will dictate the number of calories you’re getting.

For example, an espresso shot will contain less than 1 calorie, whereas drinking your coffee with full-fat milk and two sugars will bump up the total calories to over 85 calories!

1. Keurig K-Cup Coffee that comes with milk only (E.g. Flat white, latte, white coffee)

Most individuals love to combine their milk and coffee before indulging in a cup of the beverage. Adding milk to the equation significantly increases the amount of calorie intake. If you brew a Keurig K-Cup coffee with 200 ml of whole milk, you will add 130-140 calories to your diet.

Additionally, drinking Keurig K-Cup coffee that comes with 200ml of skimmed milk gives you roughly 80-89 extra calories.

Amount of MilkFull Fat Milk CaloriesSkim Milk Calories
50ml32 kcal19 kcal
100ml (small coffee)65 kcal37 kcal
200ml (large coffee)130 kcal74 kcal

2. Keurig K-Cup Coffee with whole milk, milk cream, and chocolate powder (E.g. cappuccino)

When you drink 200 ml of Keurig K-Cup cappuccino, you will consume 150-165 calories. This extra energy is mostly due to the milk and cream, which contains energy-rich fats and carbs. The chocolate powder only slightly increases the calorie content of the beverage. If you opt for a small cup, you will consume up to 40 extra calories.

3. Keurig K-Cup Coffee with sugar

Consuming Keurig K-Cup coffee with sugar will always have more calories than drinking neat coffee. Adding two teaspoons of sugar to your favorite brew will add a total of 32 calories. The more you increase the teaspoons of sugar, the more calories you will drink.

Teaspoons of SugarAdded CaloriesAdded kilojoules
1 tsp16kcal67 kj
2 tsp32kcal134 kj
4 tsp64kcal268 kj

4. Keurig K-Cup Coffee with steamed milk

A small cup of Keurig K-Cup latte contains approximately 110-125 ml of steamed milk and creamer that can reach 40 ml. Consuming this cup will give you 80-90 calories of energy. The calories can be much lower if skimmed milk is used as an alternative to whole steamed milk.

If you drink a large whole milk latte, you will likely drink up to 230 calories, whereas a skimmed milk substitute will only provide 135 calories. The addition of several fat-rich dairy products to Keurig K-Cup coffee can skyrocket calories in Keurig K-Cup drinks.

5. Keurig K-Cup Coffee with chocolate and milk (Mocha)

Introducing chocolate and milk to your Keurig K-Cup espresso shot will increase the calorie content of the beverage. If you wonder how many calories in Keurig K-Cup mochas do you take in a single serving, you might be astonished. This delicious chocolate drink will give a whopping 300 calories when you consume a full large cup.

6. Bulletproof coffee with Keurig K-Cup

Bulletproof coffee will kickstart your metabolism, and get your keto engine burning with a delicious combination of caffeine and good fats. It’s designed to be compatible with the keto diet, Atkins, and several other low-carb diets, as it contains absolutely no carbohydrates! Interested? Check out our complete guide to bulletproof coffee here.

But, how does it compare on the calorie front?

A cup of bulletproof coffee made with Keurig K-Cup has around 342 calories! That’s almost 4 times the amount of calories in a Keurig K-Cup coffee with milk and sugar. This is due to bulletproof coffee being made with pure fat, which is incredibly calorie-dense at around 9kcal per gram.

Final Thoughts

Drinking Keurig Coffee by itself is very healthy as it contains practically zero calories. However, as you choose to add milk, sugar, and other additives to your drink, it can quickly become very high in unhealthy calories.

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