The Best Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets (In 2024)

As a coffee aficionado, you understand there’s nothing more refreshing than brewing your java with aromatic, freshly ground beans.

But if you’re grinding your beans from an unkempt grinder, you can compromise the quality of your brew. 

Between the hectic weekday mornings and the lazy weekends, the thought of disassembling your appliance to give it a proper clean can be daunting. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this: cleaning tablets. 

Cleaning tablets allow you to cleanse the machine without additional effort from your side. All you have to do is pour these agents into the grinding container and grind as you naturally would. 

The best coffee grinder tablets are:

  • Urnex Grindz
  • Caffeto Grinder Clean
  • Biocaf
  • Puro Caff Grinder
  • Urnex Supergrindz

These cleaning agents are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. 

Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also offer exceptional cleaning results by freeing coffee residue in places that a cleaning brush just can’t reach. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the best coffee grinder tablets you can use to leave your appliance refreshed.

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What Can I Run Through My Coffee Grinder To Clean It? 

The safest ingredients to run through your coffee grinder are cleaning tablets like Grindz. These agents are made from plant-based ingredients, making them gentle yet effective at drawing out coffee residues. 

You can use rice to clean the grinder. Provided it’s not regular rice. 

Regular rice is harder and can dull the blades or burrs. Should your grinder require repairs, the manufacturers will void the warranty if they find rice particles inside the device. 

Opt for instant rice instead. It’s parboiled, so it’s much softer and less likely to damage the electrical components of your machine. 

How Do You Clean A Coffee Grinder With Tablets 

You’d clean your coffee grinder with tablets the same way you would when grinding your beans. Most brands have instructions with recommended doses. 

But generally, you’d follow the steps below to clean your grinder.

  1. Remove any coffee beans from the grinding container.
  2. Pour 30-40g of the tablets into the container.
  3. Grind on the coarsest setting to loosen the large particles. 
  4. Turn to a fine grind to remove the remainder of the residue.
  5. Perform a sacrificial run by adding a tablespoon, or two, of coffee beans (you can also use old beans). 
  6. Grind and discard the grounds.
  7. Wipe the container with a damp cloth.

How Often To Use Coffee Grinder Tablets 

It’s best to use coffee grinder tablets once a week or fortnightly. The frequency will depend on how often you use the grinder. 

Is It OK To Use Rice To Clean A Coffee Grinder?

You can use rice to clean your coffee grinder, but we don’t recommend it. 

Rice tends to clump up and can damage some electrical components of your grinder. If you decide to use rice, opt for instant rice. It’s partially cooked, so it’ll be less abrasive on your appliance. 

If you want to extend and enhance the longevity of your device but are skeptical about using rice, we’ve got you covered. 

Below’s a guide to the best coffee grinder cleaning tablets on the market. 

The 5 Best Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets

Here are our top picks of the best coffee grinder cleaning tablets

1. Urnex Grindz (Our Pick)

Grindz is a popular coffee grinder cleaning tablet on the market. It’s natural, food safe, and gluten-free. The cleaning agent is beneficial because it:

  • Effectively prevents flavor carryover of previous grinds. 
  • Cleans burrs and casings without you having to disassemble the grinder.
  • Removes coffee bean remnants and oils.
The Green Pods Reccommends Urnex Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets

Urnex - Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets

📏 Doses 430g / 12 Uses
💰 Price $25 USD 
🏗️ Ingredients Patented Formula
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2. Biocaf Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets (Runner Up)

Biocaf cleaning tablets are an addition to Urnex’s brands. In addition to being plant-based, the agents are biodegradable. The tablets: 

  • Prevent flavor transfer of previous grinds. 
  • Clean burrs and casings without you having to disassemble the grinder.
  • Remove coffee residue and oils in stand-alone coffee grinders.
  • Contain no phosphates. 
The Green Pods Reccommends

Urnex - Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets

📏 Doses 3 Sachets / 3 Uses
💰 Price $10 USD 
🏗️ Ingredients Cereals and Grains
🌎 Sustainability Natural
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3. Puro Grinder Cleaner 

This brand is ideal if you use your grinder often. It does come in an economy-size package and is more suited for the professional or avid home barista. Urnex Puro Caff tablets can: 

  • Effectively prevent flavor transfer of previous grinds. 
  • Clean burrs and casings without you having to disassemble the grinder.
  • Remove coffee residue and oils.
  • Contain no phosphates.

4. Urnex Supergrindz 

Super Grindz is specially formulated for use in super automatic espresso grinders. A single 330g container is suitable for 12 uses. Similar to most cleaning tablets, Supergrindz is: 

  • Able to prevent flavor transfer.
  • 100% natural and plant-based.
  • Made from a hydrophobic formula that helps remove bitterness from coffee oils in burrs.

5. Cafetto Grinder Clean

A few great things about the Cafetto Grinder cleaner is that it:

  • Is made with 100% natural and gluten-free ingredients. 
  • Effectively cleans grinder burrs and casings.
  • Contains no binders or chemicals. 
  • Is ideal for stand-alone coffee grinders.
  • Eliminates stale coffee residue and odors.


Regular cleaning of your coffee grinder is essential to maintain the quality of your appliance and prevent residue buildup. Using grinder cleaning tablets is an effective and convenient way to keep your machine running smoothly. 

These tablets are plant-based, have a powerful cleaning formula, and are easy to use, allowing you to enjoy a fragrant and perfectly brewed cup of coffee every time.

So, if you’re looking for eco-friendly agents, this post will help you cut down on your pursuit of gentle yet effective cleaners. 

Why not invest in one of these cleaning tablets to prevent a dirty coffee grinder from ruining your morning brew?

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