The 7 Best Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pods (In 2024)

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These are the best Nespresso hot chocolate pods available in 2024, and each selection can surely add a highlight to your day. Also, it is worthy to mention that there are many chocolate-flavored coffees available to use in combination with your hot chocolate selections.

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Does Nespresso Make Hot Chocolate Pods?

According to the official Nespresso website, there are “not any plans in the near future” to add hot chocolate capsules to the official Nespresso lineup. There are however, 3rd party Nespresso compatible manufactures such as PODiSTA, Real Coffee, and Fine Coffee Club who do make hot chocolate and hot cocoa capsules.

Nespresso’s main aim is “to provide high-quality coffee beans for an exquisite and unique espresso and coffee experience.” 

The official website mentions that each machine has been calibrated to make a perfect cup of coffee or espresso. The company advises not to use the machine to make traditional hot chocolate. With these facts in mind, there are many third-party hot chocolate pods available for both the Nespresso original and Vertuo machines.

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1. How To Make Chocolate with A Nespresso Original Machine:

As mentioned above, it is possible to make hot chocolate with a Nespresso Original machine (jump to our favorite brands below), however Nespresso don’t sell or endorse any of these products.

It is important to remember that the Nespresso machines typically are not designed for hot chocolate, and you will find infusions to replicate the taste of hot chocolate. Although the labels may state that it is hot chocolate, with further research it is visible that to make hot chocolate with a Nespresso machine, different formulations have been created to make it more compatible.

Our Recommendation: Our favorite is the Hot Chocolate pods by PodiStar shown below

The Green Pods Reccommends Podista Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pack

Podistar Original Hot Chocolate Pods

  • Compatible with All Nespresso Original Machines
  • Awesome rich 'real' chocolate taste
  • Save money with their 20 pack
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The Green Pods Reccommends Podista Nespresso Hot Chocolate Variety Pack

Podistar Original Hot Chocolate Variety Pack

  • 4 Different Flavors to try
  • Mint, Hazletnut, Caramel, and Original
  • Compatible with All Nespresso Original Machines
  • Awesome rich 'real' chocolate taste
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2. How To Make Hot chocolate with Nespresso Vertuo Machine:

It can be harder to find hot chocolate for the Nespresso Vertuo machine. There are many coffees that are available for this machine and the lineup for hot chocolate seems to be scarcer. However, if you are good at chemistry, a good cook, or a good DIYer, it is possible to purchase empty stainless steel refillable filter pods for the Nespresso Vertuo machine. 

Keep in mind that the machine has been designed for espresso and coffee mainly when making your hot chocolate mixes for the Vertuo. There are a few chocolate-flavored coffee pods or coffees with a hint of cocoa essence in them available for purchase for this machine.

3. How to Make Hot Chocolate With The Nespresso Aerocinno Milk Frother.

Right, so here’s our little secret.

Sure, Nespresso don’t make hot chocolate pods, and the ones we’ve recommended below cost money, but did you know you can make epic hot chocolates only using your Aeroccino milk frother?

Read More: This guide we wrote shares our step-by-step process to making hot chocolate with the Nespresso milk frother.

The 6 Best Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pods (In 2024)

We’ve scoured the market to try find Nespresso hot chocolate pods that, firstly, are actually hot chocolate (most are coffee/chocolate blends) and secondly, actually taste good!

1. PODiSTA (Our Overall Winner) 

Originally an Australian invention, PODiSTA Capsules have gone global selling predominantly on Amazon.

PODiSTA has many hot chocolate options available, and each flavor of hot chocolate can be added to your repertoire of pod selections. Here are a few of the hot chocolate options available by the PODiSTA brand:

  • Sugar-Free
  • Caramel and Chocolate
  • Smooth and Creamy
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Hazelnut Hot Chocolate 
  • Poddies Chocolate Sugar-Free

OUR TIP: These pods have an amazingly rich taste, and it can be used on top of a Nespresso coffee pod to make epic mochaccino coffees.

WARNING: It is possible to ruin the taste by adding too much water. It is especially important to use the right ratio of water to chocolate pods to suit your unique tastes.

The Green Pods Reccommends Podista Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pack

Podistar Original Hot Chocolate Pods

  • Compatible with All Nespresso Original Machines
  • Awesome rich 'real' chocolate taste
  • Save money with their 20 pack
Check On Amazon

2. Real Coffee (Best Value Option) 

Real Coffee has several options for hot chocolate, including an honorable mention sweet caramel. Each packet comes with a total of forty compatible pods for the original Nespresso machine. The pods are compatible with other models for Nespresso machines, including the Expert, Pixie, U-Model, Inissia, and a few others.

However, they are not compatible with the Vertuo machine, and as noted on the official Real Coffee website, utilizing a third-party part for your Nespresso machine will not void the warranty. These are a few options from the Real Coffee company, so you can enjoy your hot chocolate with your Nespresso machine:

  • Dark Hot Chocolate
  • Sweet Hot Chocolate
  • Classic Hot Chocolate

Each selection has a distinct flavor of hot chocolate, and each one has a slightly smooth taste in comparison to other brands that may be found in the United States, such as Podista. You may notice that the taste may be slightly stronger with the dark hot chocolate flavor in comparison to the classic hot chocolate selection. 

The Green Pods Reccommends Real Coffee Hot Chocolate Pod

Real Coffee Sweet Hot Chocolate Pods

  • Compatible with All Nespresso Original Machines
  • Best value option at 32c each!
  • Good flavor but could be richer and fuller boddied
Check On Amazon

3. U Chocolate Fine Cacao Pods (Best Premium Option)

These aren’t technically a hot chocolate, these are unsweetened infused cacao drinks!

We love this because it’s not as sickly sweet as most hot chocoalte drinks. It’s kinda like pure chocolate flavor, without the sweetness. (but of course, you can add sugar if you like it sweet!)

The U Chocolate Ceremonies also have a variety pack which includes 2 boxes of each of our three varieties: Cacao, Mocha and Ginger. The Cacao Ceremony is 100% chocolate, the Ginger Ceremony is chocolate with a hint of ginger, and the Mocha Ceremony is the only variety that includes a hint of coffee.

The Green Pods Reccommends U Chocolate ceremonies

U Chocolate Organic Kosher Fine Aroma Cacao Pods

  • Compatible with All Nespresso Original Machines
  • 100% Pure Cacao!
Check Price On Amazon

4. Fine Coffee Club (United Kingdom)

Fine Coffee Club offers a single option for your Nespresso machine, and if you are craving a way to make that chocolate quickly, this may be a good option for you. The name of the flavor is traditionally branded after its flavor, hot chocolate. This option has more hints of rich mocha, and due to the product’s neutrality, it is easy to combine it with other flavors. For example, you can blend it with either a caramel espresso or hazelnut-flavored coffee to extend the taste of the mocha. 

5. Caffeluxe (South Africa)

Caffeluxe has one central option for enjoying chocolate with your Nespresso machine, and this company is offering this option in South Africa. After tasting this hot chocolate, you may notice that it is marginally stronger than many options, and can reach an 8 out of 10 on a scale of intensity. The capsules are compatible with several Nespresso machine models, including the following to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate: 

  • Lattissima
  • U Milk and U 
  • Inissia
  • Lattissima Touch
  • Maestria

These are just a few Nespresso machines that can be compatible with the Caffeluxe brand hot chocolate. It is essential to note that one box contains ten pods or capsules. This brand of hot chocolate can taste sweeter, it has a smooth aroma. This brand of hot chocolate makes a perfect pairing with a chocolate biscotti. Also, it is important not to add too much water because it will take away from the overall taste and strength of the hot chocolate.

6. Primo Caffe (Australia and Tasmania) 

Primo Caffe is a company that has been around since 1987 and offers a single hot chocolate pod option for Nespresso machines. This selection is available in a resealable bag, and each bag holds twenty-five pods. This is a milder hot chocolate option and, on a scale of 1 to 10, the Primo Caffe hot chocolate ranks at four for its intensity. 

7. JomadCoffee

JomadCoffee offers several options for Nespresso machines, including hot chocolate under the Café Palmieri brand. This is a good option for anyone looking for a rich hot chocolate taste that has more cocoa beans in its formulation. This option provides consumers with cacao beans that have a milk chocolate roast. It is important to know that this selection is not overly sweet, and each slim box has a total of ten pods. 

The Best Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pod

In addition to this, on the official Nespresso website, you can find different recipes for hot chocolate that can be used with any Nespresso machine. The Nespresso hot chocolate recipes that are all available do require extra steps for enjoying a perfect cup of hot chocolate. Also, the central aim of using hot chocolate pods is to eliminate these extra steps. Also, there are some variations of hot chocolate and pause available for both the Nespresso Original and Vertuo machines.

Our Best Overall – PODiSTA

PODiSTA is the best Nespresso hot chocolate pod in 2024, and it is available in a variety of flavors. It is compatible with the original Nespresso machine and provides options for those who cannot consume sugar. Although we’ve found you really need to use two capsules to get a big enough cup of hot chocolate, this choice is the still no. 1 because of its flavor, total cost, and options available.

The Green Pods Reccommends Podista Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pack

Podistar Original Hot Chocolate Pods

  • Compatible with All Nespresso Original Machines
  • Awesome rich 'real' chocolate taste
  • Save money with their 20 pack
Check On Amazon
The Green Pods Reccommends Podista Nespresso Hot Chocolate Variety Pack

Podistar Original Hot Chocolate Variety Pack

  • 4 Different Flavors to try
  • Mint, Hazletnut, Caramel, and Original
  • Compatible with All Nespresso Original Machines
  • Awesome rich 'real' chocolate taste
Check On Amazon


In summary, it’s surprising to us that Nesresso don’t make their own hot chocolate pod, given the imense amount of public interest.

Instead, 3rd party nespresso pod manufacturers have stepped up and brands like Podista, Real Coffee, and The Fine Coffee Club have stepped up to provide amazing hot chocolate flavors (and at a cheaper price point)

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